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Glue Kettle Machine

Available Sizes 38 54
Sizes (as per requirement) 500KG TO 10,000K6+
Inner Shell SS 304, BMM
Outer Shell M.S. 8MM
Inner Accessories (Nut, boits stirrers etc) Stainless Steel Grade 304
Reduction Gear Heavy Duty
Inner Shaft SS 304, Bar Type
Inner Coil(For both heating and cooling process) SS 304 Grade
Condenser (Heavy Duty) 8MM
Ball Valve S.S 304 Grade
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At Wood Working Machinery, we manufacture a wide variety of machines and equipment related to the wood industry. We have become one of the renowned Glue Kettle Manufacturers which is a type of machine mainly used to melt glue or adhesive in the timber or plywood industry. To support these industries in the best way possible, we are manufacturing excellent quality glue kettle machines with multiple features for better performance.

By understanding the need for the Glue Kettle Machine, our experts have incorporated a proper heating and melting system in them. We have different models of glue kettles including gas-powered and electric-powered. We have also included the features of temperature control which makes them perfect to use to get the adhesive of desired viscosity. At Wood Working Machinery, we use cutting-edge technology to manufacture Glue Kettle Machines that offer high efficiency. We supply different-sized Glue Kettle Machines according to the market requirements. However, according to the client's needs, we can also customize their sizes to supply the required size machine. We do offer an insulated tank so that the temperature and thickness of the melted glue can be maintained for a long time.

Being one of the prominent Glue Kettle Manufacturers in India, we fabricate them considering all the safety requirements. Be it an emergency or auto shut off of the Glue Kettle Machine after reaching the required temperature or melting point. Or be it safe dispensing nozzles or pumps, especially when the glue is hot. We ensure that all these features work well in the Glue Kettle Machine. At Wood Working Machinery, we manufacture these machines using the best quality materials like stainless steel. The material used in the Glue Kettle Machine shows resistivity to corrosion which makes it perfect for both melting and storing adhesives for a long time.

All our Glue Kettle Machines are compatible with a variety of adhesives and glues, which makes them suitable for melting different types of glues. Due to this feature, these machines are also used in other industries other than the plywood industry. Being one of the most well-certified Glue Kettle Manufacturers in India, it is our utmost priority to supply highly durable machines to our customers. The working and functioning of these machines get tested before their supply. All the Glue Kettle Machine supplied by us are easy to clean and maintain for melting different types of glues. We are known for supplying these Glue Kettle Machines at cost-friendly prices and with a warranty on each.