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Wood Seasoning Kiln Plant

Wood Working Machinery stands as one of the leading Wood Seasoning Kiln Plant Manufacturers in India. We craft a range of plywood and bamboo processing machines that are known for their exceptional performance and efficiency. Due to the highly increased demand for wood and bamboo products in the industry, our team of engineers and technicians stays focused on producing and supplying cutting-edge bamboo processing machines that come with advanced features and technology.

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The bamboo machinery designed by Wood Working Machinery is easy to operate, requires low maintenance, and is known for its long-lasting performance, durability, high efficiency, exceptional features, and suitability for versatile applications in different industries. Some more features include:

  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Advanced features
  • Equipped with shaping tools
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Prioritizes worker safety
  • Reliable and affordable choice
  • Quality components
  • Incorporates stripping and cutting mechanisms
  • Certification from renowned organizations, including ISO

Being one of the top Wood Seasoning Kiln Plant Manufacturers, Wood Working Machinery has gained valuable insights into the industry requirements. Our team strives to do thorough research to design machines that can be the first choice for several industries. Since we use high-quality raw materials and top-grade components, our machine guarantees longevity and top-notch performance. Worker safety, stripping and cutting mechanisms, and shaping tools are other qualities.

Suitable Applications

Our Kiln Plant machinery is the best option for various applications across industries. These applications include the furniture industry, paper and pulp industry, construction, bamboo flooring, crafts, and more. Plus, we are committed to serving both small and large businesses by supplying machines customized to meet their specific requirements.

Quality Check and Assurance

As one of the trusted Wood Seasoning Kiln Plant Manufacturers, our quality inspection team at Wood Working Machinery focuses on quality products by carrying out several checks. The quality check processes include Thorough testing, Certification for suitability, Assessment of durability, Performance evaluation, Inspection of components, Compliance with safety standards, and Verification of advanced features.

Besides, our examiners also do Precision checks, Quality assurance, Stringent control measures, and adherence to industry standards. To continue to offer quality service and products, we are engaged in ongoing monitoring.

Reasons to Choose Wood Working Machinery

As preferred Wood Seasoning Kiln Plant Manufacturers in India, we hold certifications from renowned organizations, including ISO. We train our team to deliver excellent machinery to the furniture manufacturing industry. In addition, we maintain full transparency and quality customer support, which has enabled us to earn trust. The machine undergoes a complete testing process and certification to ensure its suitability for various applications.

  • Our experts are readily available to help you select the best bamboo machinery.
  • We assist you by providing insights into the machine’s functionality and features.
  • We have built up an extrinsic distribution network to supply products across PAN India.

Wood Working Machinery is a standout, renowned for its reliability and affordability among Wood Seasoning Kiln Plant Manufacturers in India. Call us to learn more about our products or buy the optimum products.

Why US!

  • Steam seasoning is more efficient, Inexpensive and less time consuming as compared to electric, wood waste fired furnace or FHAT seasoning plants.
  • Aluminium fans are provided inside and are located on the side wall which helps in evenly seasoning of wood & Uniform air circulation inside the chamber
  • Free Steam feature provided inside the seasoning kilin in order to achieve super fine seasoned wood.
  • Heavy Duty Valves such as globe valves, NRV (Non Return Valves), Ball Valves, Thermodynamic Steam Trap Valves, Flow Trap Valves, Strainers etc are provided in our seasoning kin in order to increase the efficiency and reduce the wastage of invaluable steam.
  • A panel of highly trained professionals with an experience of over 10 to 15 years are provided for the erection purpose of the seasoning chamber
  • MMC's Seasoning Kilns are manufactured by strictly following each and every guidelines given by FRI (Forest Research Of Institute) Dehradun.
  • Available in both steam and oil version of seasoning chambers.
  • Moist air is automatically pushed out of the seasoning chamber via chimneys situated at the ceiling when fresh air enters from "Fresh Air Dampers.
  • We MMC being quality minded have our own Foundry Shop at our factory premises where we cast extra heavy duty Cast Iron, Mid Steel & Aluminium product parts for seasoning kiln plant and for our own use.
  • Being quality concerned we have a special testing team, running various kinds of tests on seasoning plants at their final stage.
  • As a result of being quality minded we have been able to become India's biggest plywood industry such as CENTURY PLYBOARDS (1) LTD & GREENLAM INDUSTRIES LIMITED's main vendors for seasoning kiln plants and other plywood, woodworking machinery.
350C FT 10LX 10"L X 11H 2.2 kW 01
550 C.FT 15'LX 15'WX 12'H 4.4 KW 02
750 CFT 23L X 15'W X 12'H 6.6 KW 03
1200 C.FT 32L X 15"WX 12H 8.8 kW 04
1500 C.FT 40LX 16'WX 12'H 11 kW 05
2000 C.FT 40LX16WX 12H 11 KW 05