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Plywood Brush Sanding Machine Manufacturers

Our Plywood Brush Sanding Machine is specially developed for uniform and precise sanding operation on ply & ply boards. With new brushing concept it will provide consistent grain and roughness as desire against bet process. The brush requires les brushing time and work long lasting Save belt replacements time, increase efficiency in sanding operation and maximize production

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We at Wood Working Machinery are one of the premium Plywood Brush Sanding Machine Manufacturers in India. We are into the manufacturing of several types of plywood-related machines that help in delivering the best and smoothest quality plywood. Be it the machines for framing it, sanding it, or gluing, we are known for manufacturing all this at our extensive manufacturing plant. The increase in the consumption of plywood products has increased the demand for these machines. We are continuously putting effort into producing the best plywood brush sanding machine with all the required features.

Plywood Sanding is one of the major steps in the fabrication of plywood. No one can buy plywood with imperfections or uneven surfaces and this machine helps in making its surface smooth and even. Be it the brushes of the Plywood Brush Sanding Machine or the conveyor belt used in it, we ensure that we use reliable quality components when manufacturing these. These machines also come with an adjustable pressure system that helps in brushing or sanding the surface with the required amount of pressure. At Wood Working Machinery, we are known for manufacturing different types of brushes for this machine depending on its use. Be it the small-sized plywood panels or the large-size plywood panels, our plywood brush sanding machine works well with both.

Key Features:

  • Heavy duty plate suture provided.
  • Quality Fine finishing due to self dressing
  • Heavy duty pillow bearings provided for smooth working
  • Heavy Duty Dust Collector is provided with the machine free of cost
  • Available in both semi automatic & automatic version
  • Smooth Running
  • Heavy Duty feed rollers are provided better support and faster sanding of ply board.
  • User friendly machine can be operated by unskilled labor sanity
  • Very economical due to longer life
  • Marnance Cost Maintenance free process
  • Longer Brush Life
Number Of Brush Rollers 04 Head 06 Head
Brush Roller Types 2 Grades of sanding brush are used for rough and fine finish 3 grades of sanding brush roliers are used for rough fine and smooth finish
Structure Heavy Duty Plate Type(12mm) SAME
Dust Collector Included (Heavy Duty, dynamically balanced impellers for high suction Included (Heavy Duty, dynamically balanced impellers for high suction
Brush Roller Size 203mm Diax 1372mm Length 203mm Diax 1372mm Length
Sanding Size 8x4 Max 8'x4' Max
Sanding Thickness 4mm to 55mm Max 4mm to 55mm Max
Power 18HP Including Dust Collector 18HP Including Dust Collector
Sanding Top and bottom side Top and bottom side
Dust Blowers 4Panel 4Panel
Options Both Manual/Auto Options. Both are easy to operate Both Manual/Auto Options. Both are easy to operate
Control Panel L&T Fittings L&T Fittings

Being one of the most reputed Plywood Brush Sanding Machine Manufacturers in India, we follow all the industrial standards to fabricate these machines. We have equipped all our machines with pioneering technology making them perfect for sanding plywood in large quantities. The availability of such machines has also reduced the manual work making it easier to produce smooth quality plywood in large numbers. At present, we are supplying these sanding machines to multiple plywood companies in India that are operating in India as well as worldwide.

As one of the prominent Plywood Brush Sanding Machine Manufacturers in India, we are supplying them with a warranty. We are certified by organizations like ISO for the production of Plywood Brush Sanding Machine. For more convenience, we have also equipped these machines with a dust collection system to collect all the dust during the sanding of the plywood. Our machines are used for sanding both the faces of plywood effectively without causing any problems. At Wood Working Machinery, we are producing Plywood Brush Sanding Machines that take relatively less time than expected. For smooth and high-quality production of plywood, our machines are reliable and highly affordable to go for.