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Wood Working Machinery has become one of the renowned Wood Treatment Plant Manufacturers in India. We specialize in fabricating machinery and equipment that are utilized for the construction and preservation of excellent quality wood. The constant growth in the timber and plywood industry requires high-quality wood for a wide number of applications. To support these industries in the best possible way, our experts are manufacturing wood treatment plants that can help preserve wood in different ways. This plant is widely used in different industries such as,

  • Handicraft Industry
  • Plywood Industry
  • Flush door Treatment
  • Cooling Tower Industry, Elo
  • The Beneficial Features of The Multi Equipment Machinery Corp's Wood
  • Treatment Plant
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We have been in this industry for several years and are well aware of the processing and preservation of wood. Through constant research and development, we have formulated a wood treatment plant that utilizes pressure treatment for preserving wood. At Wood Working Machinery, we have a pressure treatment plant that uses vacuum pressure impregnation to complete wood treatment. We make use of several water-borne preservatives for this treatment including sodium bicarbonate, CCA, boron, and many others. Our wood treatment machine comes with adjustable pressure and adjustable timing features. Depending on the amount of preservative absorption required by wood, one can set the timing of the pressure accordingly. All our wood treatment plants are easy to operate and do not come with complex functions. We have incorporated all the latest features in it to make it highly usable in wood treatment for obtaining the right quality wood.

Use of Wood Treatment Plant

Presently, we are supplying wood treatment plants to multiple industries including the timber & plywood industry, wood furniture manufacturing industry, construction industry, the handicraft industry, agriculture industry, marine industry, and many more. Other than these, we at Wood Working Machinery also supply wood treatment plants for applications like building structures for renewable energy installations, electronic installations, building residential products, fencing, and many other purposes.

Why choose us?

Being one of the prominent Wood Treatment Plant Manufacturers in India, we have never failed to supply satisfactory machines to our clients. We are an ISO-certified firm and are well aware of the industrial standards that are required for producing wood treatment plants. We comply with all quality standards and are known for offering highly durable machines for wood treatment. All our machines are resistant to corrosion and support different types of water chemicals for proper wood treatment. We are here to support both small and big plywood industries and that is why we are supplying our wood treatment plant at highly reliable prices.

Why Us!

  • The horizontal pressure vessel placed above the underground constructed concrete storage tank. By this no pump is required to transport the solution from vessel to the storage tank, as it will be done with the help of gravity. It makes the plant very compact which minimizes the land area also.
  • The plant is supplied as a 2 stage rapid & basic installation process: (A) Leveling on the concrete foundation (B) Connection to electricity and water. The installation is carried out within 3-4 hours. The plant can easily be re-located to another site as & when if required
  • The piping connections with valves are fitted on the top of the treatment plant with electric motors, pressure compressor, vacuum compressor for easy operation and effortless supervision.
  • The plant is manufactured with the best method of bolt locking system which is by far the most satisfactory & a safe design. The gate is fitted with 25mm thick high tensile rubber seal for a leak proof operation & the gate locking bolts are made out from 50.8mm thick Mild Steel Square for a secure operation.
  • There is zero maintenance cost because of the following features:
  • All Valves & components are of well-known standard 150 approved brands.
  • 02 No. of bottom 3" Flange Type Extra Heavy Duty Ball Vales' are provided by us which a single valve cost between 15,000 to 20,000 INR included with the tank making us different from other suppliers as quality is our main priority.
  • ISO approved well-known standard company pressure & vacuum compressors with replacement warranty are provided
  • All pipings are with flange fitting type. 8 Fittings like gauge glass set are made of Stainless Steel & valves such as safety valve, check valve. gate valve etc are made of gun metal material.


  • Multi Equipment Treatment Plant (MTP-10) having foliowing sizes horizontal pressure vessels with single side opening bolt locking system.
  • Plant is suitable for process of pressure- vacuum pressure and alternative pressure cycles.
  • Available is different sizes as per client's requirement
S/No Model No. Capacity with & W/o Trolley SystemSize of Treatment Plant. (Length x Width). Required H.P for electric motors. pressure & vacuum compressors
01 MTP-12 75 C.F.T w/o trolley system 12'LX4W 05HP
02 MTP-16 100 C.FT w/o trolley system 16"L x 4'W 05HP
03 MTP-10 150 C.FT with Trolley system 10'L x 5'W 05HP
04 MTP-11 225 C.FT with trolley system 12'Lx6'W 7.5HP
05 MTP-21 300 C.FT with trolley system 21'Lx5'W 7.5HP
06 MTP-22 400 C.FT with trolley system 21 L x 6'W 10Hp